Press Release

36th Commemoration of The Assassination of Thomas Sankara and His Companions

The ICJS welcomes the decision by the State of Burkina Faso to grant national hero status to the pan-African martyr Thomas Isidore Sankara (Law No. 005-2022-ALT).

We take note of the laying of the first foundational stone for the mausoleum project dedicated to him, and reiterate the importance of involving the families in these processes.

We remind the authorities of the pending decision to demand that Côte d’Ivoire extradit Blaise COMPAORÉ and Yacinthe KAFANDO, the perpetrators and masterminds convicted for the crimes of October 15, 1987.

We will continue our quest for the truth, and ask the Ouagadougou Military Tribunal what the status is on the investigations into the international aspect of the case left open by Judge Yaméogo’s disjunction.

We are aware that our demands may be of secondary importance at a time when the people of Burkina Faso are afflicted by aggression and destabilization, and we reiterate our solidarity with their courageous resistance.