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History of the ICJS International Campaign Justice for Sankara

A quarter of a century of struggle!

GRILA was born in 1984, coinciding with the Burkina Faso’s revolution. Both were working to realize the pan-African dream and a self-centered development. Following the assassination of Thomas Sankara in 1987, GRILA reacted strongly and for 33 years organized commemorative events in all its sections every October 15, never missing an opportunity to recall the work of the Sankarist revolution and help its supporters.

Thomas Sankara

Sankara embodied the hope of a revolutionary change based essentially on the contribution of the endogenous forces of his fellow citizens.

Message of Mrs. Mariam Sankara to the GRILA

This trial, so long awaited by the families of the victims, by the people of Burkina Faso, by Africa in general and by international public opinion should serve as an example to those who have no respect for human life human life, to those who haggle and upset the destiny of our peoples in the name of their selfish interests.

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